AboutMadinatul Uloom

MadinatulUloom is dedicated to serving the academic needs of the community by disseminating authentic and reliable knowledge as well as challenge students to excel in the general sciences. The numerous levels of educations spectrum span from a beginner’s level to most advanced post graduate academics. MadinatulUloom is dedicated to serving the needs of the community by offering services for resolving marital disputes, writing wills, and giving food and charity to needy families.


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Islamic Jurisprudence & Research

Islamic Theology

Hifz of Qur'an

Current Project

Our current facility consists of a 6400 sq/ft two-story stand alone building. The top story is dedicated to our sisters which houses a small prayer area as well as six classrooms, two offices and a kitchen.

The first floor houses the main Musallah which can accommodate approximately 85 musallis, six classrooms and one office.

But there is a great need to expand as we have already outgrown this building. There is a dire need for more parking spaces and a bigger area for prayer.


  • 12750 Vantage View Lane,
    Woodbridge Va 22192
  • info@mtuva.com
  • 703-220-6397